About Us

We were inspired to create an experiential website that functions as an online oracle; offering daily spiritual messages invoked by you. We do not consider one path of teachings any more sacred than another. All paths lead to the same destination if traveled with heart. It is our privilege to impart this ageless wisdom as guidance for conscious living in modern times.

The production team are like-minded fellow seekers of spiritual truth. This project was made possible by a small group of committed people:

Alignment Media

BW | Concept, writing and art direction

JW | Video editor, creative consultant

FW | Financial support and inspiration


Allen Crider | Web Development

Manasic Design | Site Design

SorellFX | Animation and Visual FX

Light-Weaver.com | Special thanks


If you have any problem streaming videos, try turning off the HD option. You can also refresh your browser, but will lose that particular message. Stalling is often from poor internet connection. We realize how frustrating it is when a video stalls. We apologize for the trouble.


Please share with us your experience. gatekeeper@mandalamessages.com


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