Here you will find 108 unique messages that will speak to YOU from the eternal Now. These ‘Messages’ are daily affirmations, randomly chosen to awaken the inner Self. You will find messages that inspire (Spirit, Dharma), that educate (Religion/Philosophy, Children), while others serve behavior modification (Mind, Emotion); all designed for conscious living.


These Messages are inspired by a wide variety of teachings, drawing from many spiritual traditions. Suffice to say, diversity expands belief systems, offering a more broadened perspective on life. Limiting beliefs can cause stagnation.


Many members use these Messages just for daily inspiration; food for thought to start or end the day.


There are nine categories to choose from: Physical, Emotion, Mind, Spirit, Relationship, Children, Career/Dharma, Religion/Philosophy, and Meditation.


Each category is represented by its own Mandala with 12 rotating Messages. Once you have picked the category it is suggested to do a short meditation or visualization before you click on the Mandala. Your message is randomly chosen, but invocation meets the moment to invoke omnipresence; thus the power of asking.


Having faith in omnipresence means living in the moment. ASK for the right message to be given to you for your Highest Good.


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