“This is Ageless Wisdom updated for the challenges of modern times, a digital oracle that speaks to the soul in the same way the I Ching does. With a beautiful synergy of music, imagery and spiritual guidance, these messages invoke a synchronistic response from the inner realms.”
   ~ J.D.
“Spiritual Knowledge is as important as worldly knowledge because it teaches us the true nature of the world and how to live a fulfilled life. The Mandala Messages beautifully convey this wisdom. Give yourself the gift of daily inspiration.”
   ~ Sophie Rose, spiritual counselor, author of the award-winning book, The Way of The Heart
“How graced we are to have access to the Mandala Messages. They bring a fresh element of wisdom into one's daily life, functioning like a new friend, available when we need them, inspiring, comforting and often illuminating. My heart and I both thank you for allowing these messages to come through!”
   ~ Nancy Lea Speer (Rainbow, California)
“Beautiful imagery and soothing music – watching these videos puts one into an instant meditative state. Not to mention the wisdom of the messages! Highly recommended.”
   ~ Marc Jacobs, Denver Colo
“These videos are filled with inspiring pictures, blended with footage that enliven the whole experience set with music and chants that provokes and entices the heart! Along with quotes of inspiration fit for deep reflection for the mind. Much enjoyed this multistory experience! :)”
   ~ Rose Bates USA
“I’ve never been on a website where I can invoke my own message! I enjoy sitting down with friends and we each ask for a personal message. We've had some great discussions!”
   ~ Tuula, California
“My grandmother just passed away and I resonated with a message “Grandparents” from the Relationship Category. It really touched my heart. I also enjoy the messages in the Children category, I appreciate the suggestions and reminders about parenting. Thank you!”
   ~ Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Please take the time to watch & take in these videos. Their stunning imagery, inspirational & wise words, together with their calming music, place you in a peaceful, reflective space.”
   ~ Devona
“The evolution of Humanity’s consciousness is speeding up. Often perplexed or confused, our search for answers can be frustrating. Enter Mandala Messages as a creative tool to help guide us along the way. Trusting my innate ability to invoke the presence of Spirit’s guidance, Mandala Messages has offered me an inspiring and quick way to hear what I needed to hear in that moment. It’s amazing!”
   ~ Francis, California